At Mama's Wild Child, our mission is to inspire the ocean explorers of the future.

We believe that…

 Imagination + ocean education = child engagement 

 Child engagement =  

mini marine scientists, mini conservationists, mini ocean explorers, mini educators, and mini change makers.

Our team:

Melia is an ocean-loving mum with an ocean-loving family of 5. In her spare time, she studies marine science, designs for Mama's Wild Child, writes and explores Byron Bay's beaches with her tribe.

Jenny is a nature-loving granny, always looking for ways to inspire wonder in her grandchildren. In her spare time away from being the Fairy Queen at The Pickled Fairy in Fremantle, she writes and illustrates children's books and illustrates for Mama's Wild Child.

A considerable number of hours, love, and care go into designing each piece of clothing. We are not in the fast fashion industry! Preparing each design may take months. From conception and sampling to a small production run, much love goes into the process.

Our clothing is made by a small group of women in Bali. Our children test the apparel for comfort, durability, and style.

We use natural fabrics in our clothing and recycled plastics for our swimwear.

We are always conscious of our environmental footprint and choose our processes carefully.

To be handed down to sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends. There is an art to dressing in style; wear it your way, wildlings!

We love to hear from our customers, the Mamas, and the children. Please get in touch!
With love from our family to yours,
xx Melia and Jenny