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Our story

Hello mamas and wild ones!
We are the mother and daughter team behind Mama's Wild Child, Jenny, and Melia. We make quality fashion that can withstand playtime adventures across land and sea.
Children are our inspiration. We see in them a boundless enthusiasm for living, learning, and exploring. Their wild imaginations and sense of play and wonder are the precious stuff of childhood. We draw on this in our creative processes, with your wild child's magical adventures in mind.

Melia is studying marine science and is incorporating what she is learning about the ocean into the business. She spends her time with her family at the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay and its surroundings, exploring rock pools and learning to surf.
Jenny is writing and illustrating a series of children's stories set in Australia's wilderness areas. She travels between the beach and the bush to study Australia's unique ecosystems.
The artwork on our tees and fabric is hand-drawn by Jenny. Our children have the final say in our design process. They critically review Jenny's mermaid drawings and give helpful suggestions. They test the clothes for comfort and 'itchy bits' and suggest unique colour combinations...all the important stuff.
We make our clothes of natural fabrics like rayon, cotton, and bamboo, breathable fabrics which are kind to the earth and your wild's soft skin. Where possible, we source organic.
To encourage children's independence, we have always tried to make the clothing simple to put on and take off. Now the exciting adaptive clothing movement has given us more inspiration to take this design imperative further.
To be handed down to sisters, brothers, cousins, and friends. There is an art to dressing in style; wear it your way, wildlings!
We love to hear from our customers, the Mamas, and the children. Please get in touch!
With love from our family to yours,
xx Melia and Jenny