At Mama's Wild Child, we have hit the small-time. You may ask why a business is proud to hit the small-time when all focus in our society is to hit the Big Time. Well, we can see where that has got us, millions of tonnes of clothing are produced, worn briefly, and ends up in landfill—fast fashion that demands new and now, big companies producing 20 collections every year. The fashion industry has gone a bit CRAZY.

Our goal is to make small-run clothing that lasts. We create timeless pieces that will have your kids looking on-trend now and for years to come, and when your wild child has grown, you can hand them down to cousins, sisters, brothers, or friends!

Who makes our clothes? 

Our relationships with the people who sew our clothes are things we love most about being in business. We would regularly travel to work with our small, family-run Bali teams - in the old version of the world. In 2022 we chat most days on What's ap. We find we can still maintain our lovely relationships, and fewer flights worldwide equal fewer carbon emissions.

Our commitment

A sustainable fashion industry is currently somewhat of an oxymoron, but there is a change in the wind! There are already many ways we can reduce our imprint. We use recycled waste fabric to make our swimwear. We only make the quantity we need. We use natural materials that will break down in the environment to make our clothing and hats. Where possible, we source organic fabrics. We are watching the progress of international start-ups, looking at ways to produce yarn from seaweed! 

Offsetting carbon emissions

All production produces carbon emissions. To offset the carbon produced in our clothing manufacture and transport, we plant native trees in Australia's South West on our family property. On seven acres of previously cleared farmland, we are planting trees that will stand long after we have gone and contribute to offsetting our emissions.

Packaging and transport

We will use no plastic in our packaging in any part of its journey from manufacture to you. We send our parcels to you in compostable bags. We use a 100% carbon neutral courier service to deliver our packages Australia-wide.

We are always learning and finding new ways to improve our environmental practices. A healthy Mother Earth means happy, healthy children exploring nature and living in harmony with our precious planet.